We have constructed a campsite on our football fields, where it is possible to camp either with a caravan,camper or tent.
Here are some facts about the campsite:

* All seats are made by instruction from the localfire authority officer and has a size of 3 x 5 meters.
* There is a safe distance between all vehicles / tents, which must be respected by all users.
* There are guides who assigns site, therefore approx. arrival time when ordering.
* All seats are numbered - it is therefore important to establish tent / caravan on the designated space.
* We do not rent caravans, but may give phone number or address on some of our former landlords, and then you can contact the landlord.
* There is power for all caravans / tents.
* There are toilet-trailers on both campsites.
Do you want to rent a van?
We can not help you find caravans, underneath you'll find a list of potential landlords
Remember to sign in the trailer or van on the registration page, so there is a place for you and the van at our campsite.
camping 1 camping 3 camping 4 camping 6