As soon as you arrive at Summer Camp, you have to register at check-in, located just inside the Vrejlev Hæstrup hall. We have organized a room for the information office, which is open during the entire summer camp in the daytime. .

We need your first and last name, please bring the invoice from PV81 Summer Camp. You will receive bracelets for the number of persons you have registered. Bracelets must be worn during the entire summer camp, it is access to all the meals you pre-paid for.

We also have a cafeteria where you can buy sausages, toast, french fries, etc. furthermore, we sell candy, beer, soft drinks, coffee and ice cream during the entire Summer Camp.

There are parking spaces at the school - in the the school yard and at the parkingplace by the hall. It is also possible to park in the woods just north of the campsite.

All dining takes place in the great hall, with room for 700 people. This is also where the majority of seminars going on. There is the audio system in the hall.

hallen marianne cafeteria 1 parkering ankomst