Welcome to Summer Camp 2020 for FLP distributors - It will be the 13. year in Poulstrup, and we believe that it again becomes a huge experience for many participants. We have already received the first registration, so there will be competition for places.

The first step to Summer Camp 2020:
You have already made a registration through Forever website, it is a reservation that gives you the right to order catering, location of caravan etc. It costs 300 DKK - if you make reservation for 6 entries the price is 1.500 DKK, and the money is not refundable. Only members who have paid this reservation fee to Forever can proceed to

The second step for summer camp 2020:
On this website you have the opportunity to register for Summer Camp 2020. You must provide ID - name etc. and let us know when you arrive - whether you have a caravan or maybe will book a place in a classroom. From previous years we know that some will want to come as early as Wednesday - it is now also possible to book against an extra fee. It is also possible to order breakfast Thursday morning.
Find the form of "Register for 2020"

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