The Camp administration board has decided to cancel this years SummerCamp as there per June 1st were far too few registered as participants. The few of you who have purchased a ticket can contact the Camps administration via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your purchase of ticket (s) refunded.

We very much hope that next year there will be more interest in the event.


One of the main purposes of SommerCamp is the many seminars you can attend. Every day there are different lectures with lots of inspiration for your daily work, as FBO.



You have the opportunity to book a place to sleep in a classroom at Poulstrup Friskole and Børnehus. Sommercamp has the necessary number of classrooms at the school, which is located in the same area as Vrejlev-Haestrup Hallen.

There are several toilets at the school, but it is not possible to bathe at the school. There are bathrooms in Vrejlev Hæstrup hallen.

You will be assigned a classroom where you will stay throughout the Summer Camp. It is possible to check in from Thursday morning and check out on Sunday when the Summer Camp ends.

If you want to check in already on Wednesday, it is possible to book extra accommodation on the registration page - it costs DKK 100.00 extra. It is not possible to extend the stay in the classroom, which MUST be checked out on Sunday.

You must bring your own air mattress, sleeping pad and sleeping bag / bedding. You can indicate on the registration (comments) if there are people in your team you would like to stay with in the classroom, and we will as far as possible take this into account when we plan

As soon as you arrive at the Summer Camp, you must register at check-in, which is located just inside the Vrejlev Hæstrup hall. We have set up a room for an information office which is open during the entire Summer Camp during the day.

You must provide your first name and last name, please bring any. invoice from PV81 Sommercamp. You will receive a bracelet for the number of people you have registered. Bracelets must be worn throughout the Summer Camp, it is access to the seminars meals you have paid for in advance.

We have a cafeteria where you can buy sausages, toast, french fries, etc. In addition, sweets, beer, water, coffee and ice cream are sold throughout the Summer Camp.

There are parking spaces by the school - in the schoolyard and by the hall. It is also possible to park in the woods just north of the campsite.

All dining takes place in the large hall, which seats 700 people. This is also where most seminars take place.

The food is an important part of the Summer Camp - The meals are delivered by a local supplier who is known for its high quality.

As registered for Sommercamp you will be served the following meals:

  • On Thursday evening, a barbecue tray with different kinds of meat is served, which the participants prepare themselves on the large outdoor grills that are set up by the hall. In addition, various accessories, salads, etc.
  • On Friday and Saturday we serve - breakfast - lunch with hearty dishes - dinner and later there is entertainment, which, however, is not organized until shortly before the Summer Camp starts..
  • On Sunday there is again a breakfast table and at noon a "sandwich cake man" (danish smoerrebroed) is served to everyone before it is time to end the Summer Camp.

Drinks are not included in the prices and it is not allowed to bring your own drinks for the meals / parties

We have set up a campsite on our football pitches, where it is possible to camp either with a caravan, motorhome or tent.

Fakta om campingpladsen:

  • All pitches are divided according to the instructions of the fire authorities and have a size of 3 x 5 meters.
  • There is a safety distance between all carriages / tents, which must be respected by all users.
  • There are guides who point out the place for you at arrival, therefore approx. arrival time is a requirement when booking.
  • All pitches are numbered - it is important that you set up a caravan / tent on the designated pitch.
  • We do not arrange rental of caravans, but can provide the telephone number or email address of some of our previous landlords, and then you can contact the landlord yourself.
  • There is electricity for all caravans / tents.
  • Toilet carts are available in both places.

Do you want to rent a caravan?
This year we have chosen not to take on the task of finding caravans, so we ask you to contact us if you find a landlord on the list here:

DK-Camping rental

Private camping rental DK

Rent a caravan in Herning & amp; the rest of Central Jutland and North Jutland 

Vendelbo Vans

Remember to register the caravan you rent on the registration page, so there is room for it at our campsite.

Every year, a number of children between the ages of 2 and 17 participate in the Summer Camp. When mom and dad attend seminars - activities are provided for children. Therefore, it is important that we know the age of the children who participate.

On Saturday, a trip is arranged​ for the kids to go to Fårup Sommerland

You must book and pay the tickets no later than Friday at 4 pm in the the Information room.


Summer Camp ved Vrejlev Haestrup Hallen,
Poulstrup Skolevej 5, Poulstrup,
DK-9760 Vraa

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